Top 5 things that will make your Computer Faster

Top 5 things that will make your Computer Faster

Most of the User worried about Computer Performance when they want to run a program or login to the system it start loading and creating a wait session which will you Computer Dead.
IF User Know some tools and features that could help the system to become more faster and non Stop anywhere .
Today i'm going to listed some top 5 things that you must do to make your computer Faster and good perform good .

1 )  Computer Theme 

Most of the Users Used Third Party Theme that make your Computer  more wired and . Because it initiated most of the unnecessary Programs in the Computer that create most of the problems . It is needed to used default Computer themes if yous still want to used it you must disallow the unnecessary programs of any theme and used less features of the third part theme .

2)  Using Antivirus Only 

Most of the users used advanced system gears and other third party apps to boost up computers but its a biggest problem . We must used an antivirus  that should perform some system basic things as listed here :
  • Optimizing and Disc fragmentation
  • Disk Cleanup 
  • Trash the unwanted programs and shortcuts 
  • Remove virus Obviously   
Most of the antivirus have some features like this but i recommend to used Acebyte Utilities  it is lightweight and used less memory and more efficient.

3) Startup Settings 

Most of the Programs run on the system startup and load when the system give control to you if you are using 100 programs it might probably take 10 to 20 mints to load the screen after loading So you must disable the programs on Startup 

In window 8 and 8.1 it is easy to open the Startup tab first click on the system try and than open the s
Startup tab and disable the all the programs and allow those you want like sticky notes and others useful apps 

In window 7 open the Open the msconfig.exe File in startup and than Open the startup tab in it 

4) Update the Window Default Window Defender

If you did not want to used any antivirus than used the Windows Defender and keep it update and scan after a day 

5) Other 

  1. Used Less Extensions on the Chrome 
  2. Used Less application shortcuts on desktop 
  3. Keep On your Firewall 
if you have any problem related to this please comment below 

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