How to use html and css buttons in blogger

How to use html and css buttons in blogger

Blogger is the platform that is so easy that we can make our own blog and design it as we want .We can make in blogger code and make awesome design for our blog.
Today i will teach you how to use html and css buttons in blogger that can be used in all the blogger website entirely.

Step 1 

Get an awesome code for buttons or any thing u want to use in blogger for example i want to use flat buttons in my every blog of page so get a code of buttons with html and css .
You can get it from Here  

Following code i am going to use in my blog Open the Link and get any code 

After Opening the Link copy the CSS code with style Tag

To use the same buttons on every page and post of the blogger you have to post CSS in html file of the blogger So open the blogger HTML file 

Now paste the CSS Code with Style Tag in Head section of the Blogger HTML and then save Theme

Now Copy the Button code of the Html 

Now paste the HTML code of the button in the page or post HTML editor and than Save the file  

Now open the page or post where you use buttons you will see the buttons are working and visible 
if you want to use buttons on other page just copy the HTML code of the button and used it 

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