How to make a Customize Contact Form for your blog

How to make a Customize Contact Form for your blog

Contact us Form is very important page in every website or blog from this visitor can contact us easily and want some help .So using a default contact form is good but did not help us more as we want.
Today i will teach you to make customize form for your website or blog so follow these steps :

  1. Make an account at
  2. Then Create a New Form by clicking the Create Form and then make a new form .

    Create a New form On jotForm
  3. Then create a blank Form .
    Creating A blank Form in JotForm
  4. After this write the name of the form 
    Give name to the form in Jotform
  5. After this Form Builder open and then click on the left to open the form element 
    Open Form Element in Form in JotForm
  6. After this Add the required Element in the form by drag and drop and then change tier name and properties .
    Adding Form Element in the Form 
  7. If you want some element to make it necessary to filled by user then make it required by opening the properties of the element 
    Make any element required in jotForm
  8. After Completing the Form click on Settings Option and then Set Email of the Form where you can received email when any one contact you using this form .
    Settings for Email For Form in Jot Form 
  9. After this click on Publish button and then click on the embed option you can also used this link in the image as a separate form and check it 
    Publish Form to the web or internet 
  10.  After this make click on embed option to embed the form on contact us page of your blog and then copy the Script code 
    JotForm Script to used in blog contact us page  
  11. Open the blog and then open the contact us page in html form and then paste the form then open the blog page after update the page your contact page is ready 
  12. Copy the Code in Contact Us page of the blog by opening the html and then paste it ans Update it
Then Open the contact us page
Your contact us form is ready

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