How to Investigate that the picture is Fake or True that posted on Social Media

How to Investigate that the picture is Fake or True that posted on Social Media

Today their is a trend to post pictures and comments on the Social media . People Share pictures as they wish to post on especially on Facebook . Some People Posted pictures without the knowledge about the pictures and post fake and wrong comments on the picture .

Today i will share a knowledge of investigating that the picture that is posted by some on any social media , and get the result that the picture he is talking about and pasted on the social media is fake or true .

In this Investigation i will take an old picture and we will conclude that the picture is fake or true .This Picture is about the Imran Khan and you can see that the the person write a comment on that picture is "Imran khan is with Israeli prime minister"
So Lets Start the Investigation

1. Open the Browser and Write in search bar 'google Image Search '
2. Now Open the First Link which is
3. Now Crop the Image as the main part of the picture like this

4. Now Our Next step is to upload the image in .Open the Link and than upload the image by pressing the Camera button and then upload the image 

5 . After Uploading You will see that the following Result

6 . Now Open the following image in visually Similar Images 
7 Now in the Similar Images open the image that look like the similar

8 In the image open the website which is  
9 . In the Website link of the picture you will see the following images but in the picture their is 'CEO Bernard Fornas' with the Imran khan  and we conclude that the picture is fake 

This man is the Famous jewellery of France  see his pictures and complete biography here in this link

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