Features java program language part 2

Java makes an effort to eliminate error prone codes by emphasizing mainly on compile time error checking and run time  checking. But the main areas which java improved  were money automatic and mishandled exception by introduction automatic Garbage Collector and Exception  handling.
6. Architecture neutral
Compiler generates by tecodes. Which have nothing to do with a particular computer architecture, hence a java program is easy to interpret on any machine.
Java bytecodes  can  be carried to any platform. No implementation depend features. Everything related  to storage is predefined. Example : size of primitive data types.
8.High Performance
Java is an interpreted language so it well never be as fast as a compiled language like C or C++. But java enables high performance with the use of just in time compiler.  
Java multithreading feature makes it possible to write program that can do many tasks simultaneously.
we can create distributed application in java rmi and EJb are used for creating distributed application.

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